Online Fundraising – Order Taking

Online fundraising, event registration and donation solutions

Crossing that final mile online.

Online Fundraising – Order Taking


Fundraising payment solutions for charities

Help your customers raise more money by supplying them with an online fundraising eStore for order taking. Surely they’ll sell more than they did the last time they sold your product! We’ll set up a branded portal where your customers can augment their door-to-door fundraising with online order taking. This may just be the competitive advantage for you that gets them to choose your fundraising product.

Our trained staff handles all of the setup of the eStores. You just sit back and watch your sales increase!


Setup, How Payments Flow

All your customers need is a free PayPal account to do this. They can sign up in minutes to be able to accept credit cards (and payments from PayPal wallets) online. Money gets deposited into their PayPal account and they can transfer it directly to their bank account. All payments happen on a secure PayPal website and we at Xattend never see the credit card information or the money. Your customers can login to their reporting dashboard at any time to see all transactions in real-time.

Store Guide

We’ll create an eStore guide customized for your brand. The store guide is a complete reference for your customers to sell online. For details on how all of this works, please review our online eStore guide here.

Your Job – Marketing

Contact us and we’ll work with you to set up your own branded fundraising eStore portal. We’ll supply you with marketing material to help you describe your store offer on your website. In no time you will be offering online stores to your customers.

Key Benefits

  • Help extend your customers’ fundraising campaigns online.
  • Fundraising participants/parents post on their social networks (Facebook, etc) making it easier to get orders for your product.
  • No setup fee or minimum monthly fee – no risk.
  • No internal staff resources, training or bottlenecks – we do all the setup work.
  • Customers monitor fundraising levels from a simple dashboard.
  • Simple and bespoke branding – your brand only, no distracting links.
  • Add custom questions, opt-ins. Build and manage leads database.
  • All credit card transactions occur on secure PayPal website. No credit card/personal credit information liability issues.