Group Fundraising

Order taking, registration and donation solutions.

Crossing that final mile online.

Extend Your Group’s Fundraising Online



Fundraising for a sports team, class trip or any association is a time consuming but very necessary activity for many of us today. We offer the easy ability to extend the reach of your fundraising to all of your team members’ online social connections.

Augmenting your existing door-to-door and word-of-mouth efforts with online capabilities just makes sense. Make it easy for people to purchase raffle tickets; friends and relatives who live across town or in another part of the country who would love to contribute. They can pay online and you can send them a photo of their raffle tickets. It sure beats driving across town to exchange tickets for cash.


Individual Group

You can accept donations, registrations, sell raffle tickets, meat sales etc. online using our system. There is no setup fee. We take a fixed fee per registrant or donation. All payments happen on a secure PayPal website and we at Xattend never see the credit card information. Login to your reporting dashboard at any time to see all transactions in real-time.

To have funds flow directly to you all you need is a free PayPal merchant account. You can sign up quickly to be able to accept credit card payments (and payments from PayPal wallets) online. Money gets deposited into your PayPal account and you can transfer it directly to your bank account. If you don’t need the funds on going we can hold them until the end of the fundraising event and simply send you a cheque or e-transfer.

Key Benefits

  • Extend your group’s fundraising campaign online.
  • Use as pop-up store to sell hats, shirts etc.
  • Make it easy for relatives across the country to contribute.
  • Capitalize on everyone’s social network connections to raise more with less effort. Everyone can post on their own Facebook etc.
  • Provide each team and individual members with their own personalized fundraising stores.
  • No setup fee or minimum monthly fee – no risk.
  • No internal staff resources, training or bottlenecks – we do all the setup work.
  • Monitor fundraising levels from a simple dashboard.
  • Embed fundraising progress widget on websites, total, by team, by individual.
  • Simple and bespoke branding – your brand only, no distracting links.
  • Add custom questions, opt-ins. Build and manage leads database.
  • Standardized league/school fundraising presence with head office oversight over remote teams.
  • All credit card transactions occur on PayPal website. No credit card/PCI liability issues.
  • League oversight over raffles for compliance with Gaming Commissions.


Organization, League or School Board

We’ll setup a branded portal where you can manage all online fundraising efforts. Individual stores will be set up for each fundraiser. All funds can go into a single bank account or into separate accounts per fundraising/event as desired. We have flexible enterprise online merchant account solutions for accepting online payments in addition to PayPal. Contact us for more info.

Custom opt-in or golden questions can be added to the check out/purchase flow.

Fundraising teams can login to the portal to see their transactions. You will have access to all fundraising stores.

Once again, there is no setup fee. Try it out and see if your numbers increase!