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Crossing that final mile online.

Online Event Registration & Sponsorship



Registering participants, signing up sponsors and collecting their payments for an event is a time consuming process. Xattend will set up an online registration and sponsorship payment page for you with no setup charge and a low fixed per participant and sponsorship fee.

There’s no setup fee, only a nominal per-participant charge for those who choose to pay online instead of the old way by cash or cheque. Our staff can create the registration and payment form or use our easy to use Page Wizard.  All payments happen on a secure PayPal website and we at Xattend never see the credit card information. Login to your reporting dashboard at any time to see all transactions in real-time.

To have funds flow directly to you all you need is a free PayPal merchant account. Money gets deposited into your PayPal account and you can transfer it directly to your bank account. If you don’t need the funds on-going we can hold them until the end of the fundraising event and simply send you a cheque or e-transfer.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce the tremendous effort required to gather event registration, sponsorship and payments.
  • Participants and sponsors appreciate the convenience of registering and paying online.
  • It takes us less than a day to set up an event – we do all the work – no staff training.
  • Inexpensive fixed price per participant (not percentage based).
  • No setup fee or minimum monthly fee – no risk.
  • We replicate your downloadable form.
  • Easily manage event finances.
  • All registration data is available online, and in Excel format.
  • Participants pay in advance minimizing last-minute no-shows.
  • Offer online donation options for those who cannot attend the event.
  • Golf club rentals are paid in advance. Clubs can be placed in carts in advance, shortening the event start time.
  • Monitor event participation levels from a simple dashboard.
  • All credit card transactions occur on PayPal website. No credit card/personal credit information liability issues.
  • Next year’s event team can simply login and access all previous registration and sponsorship data.


Events At Your Venue, For Your Organization, Golf Course Owners, Event Planners

Offer this service to all of your event conveners. Use it for your Tuesday night ladies golf registration, summer camps, business breakfasts etc. Increased attendance will ultimately impact your bottom line.

We’ll set up a branded portal where you can manage all events. Individual stores will bet set up for each event. All funds can go into a single bank account or into separate accounts per event as desired. We have flexible enterprise online merchant account solutions for accepting online payments in addition to PayPal. Contact us for more info.

Custom opt-in or golden questions can be added to the check out/purchase flow. You’ll now have access to the names of all participants and be able to send them a thank-you for attending message with an offer to opt-in for further communication if they haven’t already. Send them a coupon/offer as part of the thank-you or a customer satisfaction survey.

Event conveners can login to the portal to see their transactions. You will have access to all event stores.

Once again, there is no setup fee. Try it out and see if your numbers increase!